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Cartoon Stunt Car

Cartoon Stunt Car

Cartoon Stunt Car is a thrilling and unique racing game that combines quirky cartoon graphics with realistic in-game physics. The game features two-player support, which is a big plus.
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What is a Cartoon Stunt Car?

Cartoon Stunt Car is a thrilling and unique racing game that combines amazing cartoon graphics with realistic game physics. The game has two player-supported features, which is a big plus.

Players will begin their journey with a single majestic car but don’t worry, eight more super sports cars are waiting to be unlocked as you progress. Show off your unmatched driving skills and back a corner as you outpace your opponents with the sensitive “Arrow Keys” for Player 1 or the “W, A, S, D” for Player 2.

Cartoon Stunt Car

In this battle with time and mechanics, don’t forget to use Nitro with “N” or “T” to speed up beyond the speed limit and Look Back with “B” or “C” for bonus moments presence of the game. No matter how wild the cat situation is, remember there’s always the option to Level Restart with “R”, giving you another chance at perfection.

Cartoon Stunt Car is not just one of the 2 player games, but an exciting racing experience that challenges your crystallization on the most powerful car rings. It’s a visually impressive game that brings all the difficulty and fun of competitive racing right to your screen.

In short, The ride of your life is waiting for you in Cartoon Stunt Car. Are you ready to win or will you be left behind in the unmatched race?

Main features of the game:

Magically animated graphics with items in realistic game icons
Eight super sports cars to unlock
The control arrow keys W, A, S, and D are sensitive
Nitro boost and Look Back features
Restart Level option
Two supporting players