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Drive mad

Drive Mad is a game player must traverse a path riddled with perilous dangers. Drive Mad's goal is exceedingly challenging because players must drive a truck at fast speeds on an insane track while attempting to avoid obstacles along the way without tipping the truck over. The stunning feats.

Drive Mad: What is it?

Drive Mad is a free online racing game, developed by Voodoo. In this game, players will be participating in a race on thorny roads and traps to win.

In the exhilarating 3D driving game Drive Mad, players must traverse a path riddled with perilous dangers. Drive Mad’s goal is exceedingly challenging because players must drive a truck at fast speeds on an insane track while attempting to avoid obstacles along the way without tipping the truck over. The stunning feats and imaginative obstacles in this game will put your control skills to the test. If players want to cross the finish line unscathed, they must keep a steady pace.

You’ll find it easy at first to navigate the obstacles with your truck’s massive wheels. However, as time passes, you must take caution because it will quickly tip your car upside down. The flip can break your vehicle, rendering it immobile. The game allows players to drive a different vehicle at each level, preventing them from being bored with driving the same truck over and over again for 100 levels. Complete all of the stages to be the first to cross the finish line!

Features of game

Simple and intuitive graphics: Drive Mad has simple but extremely intuitive graphics, making it easy for players to control their cars.

Many vehicles to choose from: In this game, players can choose between many different vehicles, with different speeds and durability.

Challenging Race: Drive Mad has many different levels and racing modes, with a track with many pitfalls and challenges, helping players to focus and have good driving skills.

Score system: Players will receive a score corresponding to the time to complete the race and the number of collisions with the obstacles on the track.

Multiplayer racing mode: Drive Mad offers a multiplayer racing mode, allowing players to connect with other players to join the race.

Drive Mad Gameplay Instructions

The game control in Drive Mad is quite basic, but you must pay special attention to the course if you don’t want the truck to turn upside down. Take care!

Press W, D, X, or the Up, Right, or Mouse click to move forward.

Back up by using the Left, S, A, Z, and Down arrows.

Remember that once your vehicle has been flipped, it will break and you will no longer be able to drive it.

Tips and Tricks for Beating the Game

Players are given new tasks on each level, such as crashing through the brick wall by hitting it, jumping over the water, crossing securely utilizing bridges, and so on.

The size and shape of the vehicle you drive will alter depending on the level requirements.

You may need to keep your truck quite steady at times to drive back and forth more smoothly. So the best approach to win is to master the driving technique that allows you to control the truck’s balance and speed. Try not to do the same mistake twice!

Drive Mad can drive you insane at times, and you may have to retake stages.

Here are some pointers to help you avoid this:

Level 39 – Runway: You may need to discover a means to lengthen the runway in order to complete the journey. Remember that the plane has no brakes or reverse. accomplish you understand how to accomplish that?
Level 43 – Excavator: Move forward by using the excavator’s arm. Touch the goal at the end of this level by extending the excavator’s arm, and don’t forget to utilize the bucket.
Level 45 – Drive Level: To make the jump to the goal, drive at full speed for 3 seconds and then completely reverse. The velocity of the vehicle will work its magic and help you clear the jump.

Who made Drive Mad?

Martin Magni of Fancade invented and developed Drive Mad.
Martin Magni games do not collect any personally identifiable information from you or your device.
There are two services that collect anonymized data to help you improve your games:
Crashlytics (created by Twitter) recognizes when my game crashes and offers me anonymous data that can assist me in resolving the issue. Learn more about their privacy practices.
Flurry (created by Yahoo) collects anonymous statistics such as the number of players and the number of levels finished. Learn more about their privacy practices.

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In short, Drive Mad is a simple but extremely fun online racing game, with many attractive features for players to explore.


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